Spectral and Energy Efficiency for Massive MIMO Two-way Hybrid Relaying with Multi-Pair Users

Hongyan WangYoichi IshizukaTakafumi FujimotoZhengquan LiSong Xing
Keywords: Massive MIMOTwo-way relayingHybrid relaying processingEnergy efficiencySpectral efficiency


Article ID: 2020XBL0168DOI


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In this paper, we derive a general non-vanishing expression of signal to inference and noise ratio (SINR) considering hybrid relaying processing (HRP) in a massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) half-duplex amplify-and-forward (AF) two-way relaying networks with multi-pair users. Then the general asymptotic values of system spectral efficiency (SSE) and system energy efficiency (SEE) can be compared under different power scaling schemes, when the relaying antenna number M increases sufficiently large. Then we achieve the optimal power scaling scheme of SSE and SEE with the considerably large M. Finally, all comparison analyses of SSE and SEE are confirmed by simulation results.