2020 International Conference on Emerging Technologies for Communications (ICETC2020), Virtual online, December 2-4, 2020.


Dec. 3rd (Thu)  9:00-10:45 (JST) Presentation time: 15 min, Q&A : 3-4 min
Session A2
A2-1 Wireless power transmission system through human palm
using NFC
Hina Watanabe (Chiba University) ,Masaharu Takahashi (Chiba University)
A2-2 Torsion sensing based on strain measurement of 4-fiber
ribbon: feasibility investigation
Atsushi Nakamura (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT)) ,Daisuke Iida (Nippon
Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT))
A2-3 Position estimation for the capsule endoscope with algorithm
considered angle character of receiving antenna
Akihiro Yoshitake (Chiba University) ,Kyohei Yoshida (Chiba University) ,Masaharu Takahashi
(Chiba University)
A2-4 An Enhanced Line and Load Regulation Technique of VoltageMode Control for VRM
Daisuke Nakashima (Nagasaki University) ,Yoichi Ishizuka (Nagasaki University)

A2-5 Multi-directional Vital Signs Monitoring on Improved Complete
Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition with Adaptive Noise
using mm-Wave FMCW Radar
Yaokun Hu (Nihon University) ,Shunsuke Sato (Nihon University) ,Takeshi Toda (Nihon University)